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Since 2011, we’ve helped launch and maintain popular sites used by millions of people around the world, developed fast mobile apps that have delighted their users, and architected resilient infrastructure ready to scale for traffic of all sizes. We’re here to help you get your ideas off the ground and grow your business.

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Meet Your Full Stack Developer

David has been writing code for the better part of two decades. With a Master’s in Information Systems, he’s had experience in industries including web, telecom, finance, and logistics. He currently specializes in programming the business logic for client ideas and architecting the infrastructure ensuring that it will always be online.

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Meet Your UX Engineer

Ai is a mechanical engineering graduate with a diverse background in design, engineering, architecture, and finance. She currently specializes in creative coding, interaction design, and user experience.


  • Love Wife, Hate Travel

    A travel site featuring reviews of top hotels, first class air travel, and fine dining.

  • A fanfiction site currently used by millions of users around the world.

  • A site specifically designed for the needs of gamers and online roleplayers.

  • A fanfiction site for general interests.